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Classes listed as Open Enrollment are open to all agencies.
Classes listed by agency name in parentheses are specific to that agency’s employees.


  • Nov. 2: Personal Safety and Situational Awareness, Austin, Open Enrollment
  • Nov. 8: Driving Safety, Austin, Open Enrollment
  • Nov. 8, 9: Driving Safety, Austin (DSHS)
  • Nov. 10: GHS/HazCom/SDS, Austin (Texas Animal Health Comm.)
  • Nov. 10: Driving Safety, Austin, Open Enrollment
  • Nov. 15, 16, 17 multiple sessions: Driving Safety, Clear Lake, (Univ. of Houston)


  • December 5: Driving Safety; GHS/HazCom/SDS, San Angelo (TCEQ)
  • December 8: Driving Safety, Austin, Open Enrollment
  • December 13: Stress Management, Austin, Open Enrollment

For other information or to request a class, email a Training Request or email the Training Department.

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