Basic First Aid & CPR Training

SORM does not offer Basic First Aid and CPR training. Because incidents requiring CPR are rarely associated with an employee’s work, providing CPR classes does not significantly reduce risks or costs to the State. For that reason, SORM does not offer these classes.

CPR training is available in most areas of the state through local organizations like the American Red Cross and by private contract vendors at a reasonable cost. The following links are suggestions of the types of organizations that offer this training:

Links to alternate CPR training:
Texas Workforce Commission
American Red Cross
American Heart Association

If you need help finding CPR training, SORM will be happy to assist your agency in locating an instructor in your area.

SORM’s Training Department provides health and safety training to state agencies and their employees. Its goal is to focus on the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses. This proactive approach is intended to make the workplace safer and reduce the costs incurred by state agencies as a result of work-related injuries. SORM training specialists work hard to have course offerings and training materials serve the diverse needs of the 185,000 employees the agency serves.