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SORM Training Notice for March and April


The Communications and Development section of the State Office of Risk Management offers a variety of safety, health, risk management, and workers’ compensation training for State of Texas agencies and Community Supervision and Corrections Departments (CSCDs). And, best of all, our training

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SORM Automobile Symposium 2017


Please join us as we discuss current topics pertaining to automobile and transportation risks for state agencies, January 27, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Thompson Conference Center 2405 Robert Dedman Dr, Room 3.102 Austin, TX 78712 Download

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SORM Announces New Senior Insurance Manager

Iris Moore, Senior Insurance Manager

On November 1, 2016, The State Office of Risk Management welcomed Ms. Iris Moore as Senior Insurance Manager of the Office.  Ms. Moore will oversee operations of the insurance services unit, reporting to Mrs. Michelle Ganaden (formerly Tooley), Director of

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Be Aware of Power Strip Recalls


The State Office of Risk Management identified that a few state agencies may be using defective or potentially dangerous surge protectors around the office. Specifically, be on the look out for Schneider Electric’s APC 7 and 8 series SurgeArrest surge

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Preventing Heat Related Illness


Hot days bring on a new set of risks for outdoor workers.  To prevent the high temperatures from getting employees injured, everyone must remember these three special words:  Water, Rest, Shade. Normally, the body cools itself by sweating, but during times

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Summertime Brings Bug Bites and Allergic Reactions


With more time spent outdoors during the summer season, our exposure to bugs and the annoyances they bring increases. Beyond just itchy bumps, insect bites can cause severe allergic reactions that may require immediate medical attention. Knowing how to treat

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SORM Announces New Director of Workers’ Compensation and Supervisor

SORM Promotions

The State Office of Risk Management has named Lydia Scranton the Director of Claims Operations in the Strategic Programs Division, and Jessica Stone as Claims Supervisor in Claims Operations. Both Ms. Scranton and Ms. Stone have been serving in these roles

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Video from SORM Property Symposium on Emerging Topics


On May 18, 2016, the State Office of Risk Management held a one-day conference that highlighted many of the insurance issues that many Texas state agencies face.  Many of the presentations were filmed and archived on the SORM YouTube channel.

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How to Survive an Active Shooter


Since 2011, the State Office of Risk Management has produced Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness videos to help advise office employees on how to address an active shooter event in the workplace.  This video above includes footage from a recent active

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What to know when using a mobile phone to dial 9-1-1


In the case of an emergency, everyone knows to dial 9-1-1 on their phone to quickly contact local authorities, but you may face a big difference in service depending on what kind of phone you use.  Most 9-1-1 systems do

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