The Supplemental Report of Injury (DWC-6)

Online entry of the DWC-6 is available through SORM’s secure portal, RMIS.

What Is It?

The Supplemental Report of Injury is a form created by the Texas Department of Insurance – Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC). More commonly referred to as the DWC-6, the form is used by employers to notify the State Office of Risk Management (SORM) of events that may affect an injured employee’s entitlement to certain income benefits.

Who is Responsible?

The employer for whom the injured employee was working at the time of the injury is required to complete a DWC-6 under the circumstances listed below. The employer is responsible for completing this form until a physician places the employee at maximum medical improvement (MMI) or the employee is no longer employed. The employer may contact SORM for information regarding the employee’s MMI status.

Filing Requirements

A DWC-6 must be filed electronically with SORM each time any of the following events occur:

  1. The employee is unable to work due to the work-related injury;
  2. The injured employee returns to work in any capacity;
  3. The employee earns less than the pre-injury wage because of the injury; or
  4. The injured employee is terminated, resigns, or dies.

The reason for filing the DWC-6 will dictate the information the employer is required to report. The employer may be required to provide information on dates, leave balances, amount of earnings, or other pertinent information. The claims adjuster at SORM will document this information and investigate further.

Quite often an employee is physically able to work but takes time off from work to attend appointments. If this occurs the employer should monitor the employee’s pay. If, at the end of the pay period, the employee is paid an amount less than the amount earned at the time of the injury, a DWC-6 is required due to reduced earnings.

Each time a DWC-6 is filed with SORM the employer is required to provide a copy of the report to the employee.


The deadline for submitting a DWC-6 to SORM is very strict. In each of the four scenarios, the employer is required to submit a DWC-6 no later than the next working day following the reportable event. If reporting a loss of earnings, the DWC-6 is required no later than the next working day following the pay period in which there was a change in earnings. Note that an employee does not have a loss of earnings until a paycheck is received.