Texas COOP

Texas Continuity of Operations

  • Texas Essential Functions. The Texas Essential Functions represent the overarching responsibilities of State Government to lead and sustain the State. They are the primary focus of State Government’s leadership during and in the aftermath of an emergency. The Texas Essential Functions correlate directly to our National Essential Functions and incorporate guidance outlined in FEMA Continuity Guidance Circular 2. Download the Texas Essential Functions list (PDF)

Texas Continuity Planning Resources

  • Milestone List. To assist state agencies with their continuity planning, SORM has developed a Milestone List with links to spreadsheets, data sheets, and tables that will help with their planning process.  Planners need not follow this list exactly.  Feel free to amend as necessary.  The target date was left blank for each planner to fill in for their agency’s scheduling.  This Milestone List is a planning tool.  It is not mandatory. Download the Milestone List spreadsheet here.
  • TFC Alternate Facility Web Portal. The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) has developed a web portal to assist state agency continuity planners in their efforts to secure an alternate facility from which to establish and maintain agency core functions. The web portal is accessed through the Texas Facilities Commission web site. For more information, please contact TFC at continuity@tfc.state.tx.us.
  • Memorandum of Agreement with Host Facility Template. This template serves as a start point for development of an agency’s Memorandum of Agreement for the occupation of an alternate facility by the agency’s Emergency Relocation Team.  It includes a number of critical considerations necessary to continuity planning and coordination.  It is considered a key element of an actionable continuity plan.  Download the Memorandum of Agreement template (Word)
  • Synchronization Matrix for Continuity Events Template. The synchronization matrix is a decision support tool that provides a graphic representation of planned actions aligned to time and/or events, arranged by organization and teams, Emergency Support Functions, and supporting elements.  It is essentially a synopsis of the Continuity Plan.  The synchronization matrix is a useful tool for the organization’s executive leadership, continuity manager and Emergency Response Group Team members, and supporting section leaders during a continuity event.  It provides ready reference of required actions by organization and sub-elements. Download an example of a Synchronization Matrix (XLS)
  • Webinar Information. Instructions are provided to enable Continuity Coordinators to convert their Training Seminar for agency Continuity Plans to a webinar that may be used:
    • to train new hires during in-processing;
    • as a makeup for those employees who were unable to attend the Training Seminar; and
    • as a general refresher available online for employees who may later have questions.


Submit Your COOP Plan

If you have questions or need to find out how to submit your agency or university COOP plan for review, please contact one of our Statewide Continuity Coordinators, Shelley Crain, 512-936-1477, or email coop@sorm.texas.gov.

Effective February 1, 2020, the SORM Workers’ Compensation Network is changing. For additional information visit ourHealth Care Network Transition Page