Insurance Program

State agencies may face a variety of natural and man-made risks that could cause catastrophic physical damage to Texas property.  These risks can cause additional harm such as revenue loss from a disruption or an interruption in state services.

The SORM Statewide Property Insurance Program provides financial support for state agencies that have a physical loss of assets  such as buildings, building contents, equipment and associated revenue.

The program provides broad insurance coverage designed to address catastrophic risks faced by the State.  The program transfers these risks from State entities to highly rated insurance companies, with coverage tailored specifically to the unique risks of our program participants.

Download a list of current participants (PDF) for each line of insurance.

Lines of Insurance Reviewed

Per Rule§252.301(d) T.A.C., Rule§252.305 T.A.C.

Sponsored Lines of Insurance

Non-Sponsored Lines of Insurance

Prohibited Except as Authorized under §252.305

  • Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Crime/Employee Dishonesty Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance

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