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Mexico Auto Insurance Program

Driving in Mexico creates a unique exposure for state agencies.  Mexican law requires drivers to carry Mexico automobile liability insurance, and U.S. automobile insurance is invalid in Mexico.  Drivers can be asked for proof of insurance at checkpoints, border crossings, or traffic stops, and be ticketed if they do not have proof of appropriate coverage. SORM has selected The Jenkins Agency, Inc., a HUB certified vendor contracted through Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., to assist state agencies with the procurement of Mexico automobile liability insurance.

For your convenience, the SORM Mexico Auto Program is pay as you go; no payment is required at the start of the policy period to be eligible for this program.  For $25.00, your agency can get $300,000 of coverage for a one day policy; or you can purchase an annual policy for $266.51.  If you wish to increase your coverage to $500,000 limit of liability, it will cost $34.75 for a one day policy and $527.83 for an annual policy.  Some of the value added features of this policy include legal assistance and bail bonds.

To participate in the SORM Mexico Auto Program, please contact Alliant Insurance at least one week before you have confirmed travel to Mexico, and do the following:

Email the employee’s contact information to Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. at, and an Alliant representative will contact the employee to obtain additional personal information. The employee will need to provide the following information;

  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate of the vehicle they are driving
  • Whether it is a state-owned or personal-owned vehicle.

Please be prepared to discuss payment options when the call is received. If you know you will be making trips to Mexico throughout the year, you should contact Alliant Insurance at your earliest convenience to determine the payment options your agency would like to use.  You can set this up ahead of time.  It will be your responsibility to inform your employees traveling to Mexico the payment option they need to select when asked on the phone.

The policy will be in the name of your agency and the permissible driver(s) will be added to the policy by way of an endorsement.  It is important that the employee knows they must take a copy of the complete policy with them into Mexico each time they go.

If you have any questions about this program please contact Courtney Ramirez or Carol Hart-Hill at Alliant Insurance at (949) 756-0271.  Any other questions and/or concerns can be directed to SORM by phone at (512) 936-1483.