Statewide Insurance: What Participants Need to File Property and Automobile Claims

As Texas continues to feel the impact of Hurricane Harvey, many state agencies may have questions on the next steps needed to address property or automobile losses. Agencies that participate in the statewide property and/or automobile insurance programs provided by the State Office of Risk Management, are encouraged to begin the claims filing process using the appropriate forms listed below.

What do I need to report an auto claim?

To report a claim, please call 877-284-5602 and complete the SORM or OneBeacon Auto Claims Form and return to the email addresses listed on the bottom of the form as soon as possible. Download the Auto Claim Form.

What do I need to report a property claim?

To report a claim, please call Trey Johnson at 817-988-5088 or Jackie Baynard at 512-936-1555. Complete the SORM Property Claims Form and return to the email addresses listed on the bottom of the form as soon as possible. Download the Property Claim Form.

Tips on getting the claims process started:

Take photos of the damage and begin to implement mitigating strategies to decrease the chances of the loss escalating. Some examples may include:

  1.  Shut off water or gas valves;
  2. Contact your local contractors or maintenance staff to assist in mitigating the loss;
  3. Call security to protect a vulnerable building over the weekend or until a contractor arrives to fix it;
  4. Put tarps over contents to protect them from additional exposures;
  5. 5. If safe, place tarps on the roof to stop further entry of debris and/or water;
  6. If the fire department has extinguished a fire and given permission to enter – remove excess water;
  7. DO NOT THROW OUT ANYTHING without documentation by photograph and the approval of Trey Johnson, your assigned adjuster; and
  8. Document the loss and keep receipts of all the expenses associated to mitigate the loss. Use your cell phone or a camera to take multiple photos or video from different viewpoints of the loss.


SORM recognizes the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and we continue to provide agencies with resources on insurance, risk management, workers’ compensation, or continuity of operations (COOP).

For questions about continuity of operations (COOP) plans, please contact SORM’s Statewide Continuity Coordinator, Shelley Crain at 512-936-1477, or For questions regarding state employees’ workers’ compensation claims, contact your agency’s claims coordinator. For all other risk management questions, contact your agency’s risk manager.

For Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management, please contact our main line at 1-877-445-0006. Find the list of SORM’s Risk Managers here on our website: