New Directors Named for Enterprise Risk and Information Technology at SORM

Executive Director, Stephen Vollbrecht, appointed two key senior department leadership positions for the State Office of Risk Management effective October 1, 2018. Jacqueline Baynard was promoted to Director of Enterprise Risk, and Leonel Ramirez was appointed as Director of Information Technology.

Jacqueline Baynard
Leonel Ramirez

As the Director of Enterprise Risk, Ms. Baynard will oversee the key mission areas of risk management, insurance services, and continuity of operations (COOP) for the State of Texas. Ms. Baynard moves into the director position after serving as Senior Insurance Manager at SORM.

Ms. Baynard joined SORM in 2014 from the private sector where she gained an in-depth knowledge of insurance, underwriting, auditing, financial analysis, risk management, loss mitigation, research, and quality control. She graduated cum laude from Southwest Texas State University with a
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a Concentration in Business Administration and Management. She is also a Certified Trainer through the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

“I am exceedingly proud of Ms. Baynard and her dedication,” said, Mr. Vollbrecht. “Jackie aspires to lead with reason and compassion, she understands the culture of our service agency, and has built solid relationships with our client entities and vendors. I admire the leader she has become, and look forward to all the continued work on behalf of the state.”

Ms. Baynard said, “Our strength resides in our dedicated staff who continuously show a passion for keeping people safe. It’s a simple philosophy to protect each other, to act proactively, and prepare for the uncertainty of both negative and positive consequences. I feel extremely honored to help build a department who share a love for these principles of risk management.”

Leonel Ramirez also joins Ms. Baynard as a newly appointed director at SORM, after serving as the IT Director in an interim capacity. “Mr. Ramirez’s commitment to collaboration and teamwork demonstrates the essential qualities needed as the Director of Information Technology at SORM,” said Mr. Vollbrecht. “Leo’s vision of bringing technology infrastructure to the forefront of our service model, his focus on enterprise level security postures, and his demonstrated leadership of the department all commend him strongly for this role. I am highly impressed by Leo’s skill set, and look forward to his continuing contributions to the State of Texas in this new leadership role.”

“I am excited about this opportunity,” said Mr. Ramirez. “The Information Technology department is diverse and talented, and I am confident that we can help further the goals of this agency. I look forward to leading SORM’s technology and cybersecurity efforts.”

Leonel Ramirez also joined SORM in December of 2014 and has over 11 years of experience in information technology for the state. Mr. Ramirez graduated from St. Edward’s University with a Master of Science in Leadership and Change, and received his BBA in Computer Information Systems from Texas State University.