SORM Announces New Director of Workers’ Compensation and Supervisor

The State Office of Risk Management has named Lydia Scranton the Director of Claims Operations in the Strategic Programs Division, and Jessica Stone as Claims Supervisor in Claims Operations. Both Ms. Scranton and Ms. Stone have been serving in these roles in an interim capacity since January 2016.

Lydia Scranton, Director
Claims Operations

Ms. Scranton will manage the daily functions of Claims Operations, and will lead the department’s three units of claims adjusters, nurses, and support staff, overseen by unit supervisors, Ms. Jessica Stone, Ms. Rachel Martinez, and Mr. Mitchell Griffin.

“I feel privileged to be a part of the talented leadership at SORM, and I am honored for the opportunity to help further the goals of the Claims Operations department, and enhance the customer service we provide to our client agencies,” said Ms. Scranton.

Jessica Stone, Supervisor
Claims Operations,
Team III

Ms. English said Ms. Stone “is highly regarded by her peers and leadership for her subject matter expertise in workers’ compensation, and especially skillful in identifying resources, partnering with other divisions, making well informed decisions and thinking through challenging claims issues for the benefit of state employees injured in the line of service.”

“Customer service is the core mission of SORM,” said Ms. Stone. “As adjusters, we work with real people with real injuries, and I want to ensure that staff remain compassionate and treat each injured worker with respect throughout the claims process. I am very proud to work with such caring employees, and am grateful for the confidence they and leadership have shown in me.”

Both Lydia and Jessica are long term employees with the agency, and have advanced to leadership positions through progressive development.