SORM Announces Strategic Changes

The Risk Management department has been renamed the Enterprise Risk department, effective May 4, 2018, and consists of the Risk Management, Insurance Services, and Continuity Operations units. The Enterprise Risk department is one of the four departments comprising the Strategic Programs division, which also includes the Claims Operations, Document Processing, and Communications & Development departments. This change alleviates some confusion with the previous assigned nomenclature as the department, and clarifies the division/department/unit structure of Office operations.

“The name change for the department is a minor adjustment, but it has a major impact. Enterprise Risk describes the scope of the interdependent units in the department and the ground truth for our partners,” said Mr. Vollbrecht. “The term ‘enterprise risk’ acknowledges what we have learned and embraced – that a true risk management program is encompassing of all risks facing an enterprise, as well as the specific tools and solutions necessary to serve our constituents.”

Shelley Crain, Senior Statewide Continuity Coordinator

With this announcement, Mr. Vollbrecht also announced new developments within the Enterprise Risk department, Continuity Operations and Insurance Services units. Ms. Shelley Crain has been promoted to Senior Statewide Continuity Coordinator and given additional responsibilities for the expansion of Texas continuity, involving the coordination of public and private sectors, and development of next generation policy initiatives.

“Ms. Crain’s stewardship in the continuity domain has been exemplary,” said Mr. Vollbrecht. “Shelley is bringing together so many voices and perspectives, and that drives our development as a national continuity leader. This is something of incredible strategic importance, and I have every confidence in Ms. Crain to execute on this vision.”

Jacqueline Baynard, Senior Insurance Manager

Ms. Jacqueline Baynard has been promoted to the position of Senior Insurance Manager for the State Office of Risk Management. Ms. Baynard’s professional experience encompasses an in-depth knowledge of leadership, insurance, underwriting, auditing, financial analysis, risk management, loss mitigation, research, and quality control.

“Ms. Baynard has been instrumental in building the insurance programs at the Office, fostering relationships between our client agencies and insurance vendors,” said Mr. Vollbrecht. “She has significantly impacted the way we safeguard state assets, and has expanded the scope of the state’s insurance program initiatives for the benefit of all of our partners and those we serve.”

Mr. Vollbrecht immediately tasked Ms. Baynard with a hiring initiative to bring new qualified talent to the Insurance Services unit. On May 1, 2018, the Office welcomed a new insurance manager Mr. Derrick Guzman.

Derrick Guzman is an insurance professional who joins the State Office of Risk Management from the private sector. He has over 15 years of experience in legal, insurance, and marketing domains, lending a discerning perspective to his role supporting the state’s insurance lines. Mr. Guzman studied business administration and paralegal studies at Austin Community College.

Derrick Guzman, Insurance Manager

“I feel privileged to join the agency during this time of development and growth,” said Mr. Guzman. “I am excited to share my depth of knowledge and help to enhance SORM’s relationships with client agencies, vendors, and other insurance professionals.”

Ms. Baynard and Mr. Guzman will have direct assignments to specific agencies in support of all insurance lines and efforts to respond to partner needs. If you have any questions about your insurance manager assignment or other insurance matters, please contact Ms. Baynard at 512-936-1555.