National Safety Month: Hazard Recognition


Whether in an office setting or out in the field, hazards in the workplace exist everywhere, and are often difficult to recognize. This week, the State Office of Risk Management recommends that Texas state entities take the opportunity to educate staff on hazard recognition in the workplace, and train staff on how to identify potential hazards. Appropriate awareness and training can help staff avoiding incidents from occurring, and reduce costs on workplace injuries and missed time.

Some hazards are unforeseen or forgotten, so it is important to conduct routine risk assessments of your workplace. This week is a good time for agencies to conduct a risk assessment and inspect personal work areas, common areas, and discuss with your agency’s safety team and risk manager to help identify recognizable and hidden risks.

If you have questions regarding hazard recognition, contact your designated SORM risk manager. You can find a list of agency corresponding SORM risk managers on the SORM website. The National Safety Council also provides free materials pertaining to hazard recognition on their website.