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Comptroller Object Codes

Listed below are the most commonly used Object Codes and a brief explanation of each category. A complete list of Object Codes can be found on the Texas Comptroller’s website.

Category F – Salaries and Wages

Include all salaries, longevity and benefit replacement pay for:

  • The risk manager or risk management point of contact
  • Safety officer/director
  • Workers’ compensation claims coordinator
  • Liability claims coordinator and
  • Any professional, technical or administrative support staff who directly provide support services in and for the Risk Management Department
  • Wages and salaries for persons serving in the capacity of additional duty safety officers (ADSOs) or fire wardens/chiefs for the agency. Do not include persons serving on Safety Committees

The following comptroller object codes will assist you in gathering this information;

  • 7001 through 7011: Salary
  • 7022: Longevity Pay
  • 7014 and 7015: Salary
  • 7050: Benefit Replacement Pay
  • 7016 through 7021: Salary
  • 7035 Peace Officers Stipend Pay

Category G – Benefits

Instructions for calculating expenditures for Category G – Benefits

Using the same annual salaries shown here, the RMIS System will populate the benefits associated with risk management for you. The System will multiply the annual salary by 1.32 and subtract the annual salary to obtain the additional 33% for employee’s benefits. The RMIS System will multiply the state paid annual benefit figure by the percentage of time each employee spends on risk management activities and add these figures to give the total benefits received for risk management activities by all risk management employees at your agency.

Category H – Travel

Include only those expenses for travel for persons engaged in direct risk management (those persons reported in F above.) The following Comptroller Object Codes will assist you in gathering your data:

  • 7101 through 7108: Excluding 7103 for in-state travel (public transportation– fees, mileage, incidentals expenses, meals and lodging
  • 7111 through 7118: Excluding 7113 for out of state travel (public transportation fees, mileage, incidental expenses, meals and lodging)
  • 7135 through 7137: Pertaining to occupancy tax expenses in and around the Galveston and South Padre Island areas

Category I – Training and Education

Include only those expenses for training and education for those persons identified in F. Include registration fees or tuition’s but do not include costs for traveling to the training as that would be captured under Category H. The following comptroller object codes will assist you in gathering your data:

  • 7202: Tuition
  • 7203: Registration

Category J – Office Supplies and Consumables

Include only those expenses for items purchased directly for the persons identified in F. The following object codes will assist you in gathering your data. For those object codes reflecting agency cumulative totals, determine the prorated share used by the Risk Management Program.

  • 7300: Consumables
  • 7303: Subscriptions, Periodicals

Category K – Capital Outlay and Controlled Assets

(Those items purchased that were over $5000)

Include only those items purchased for the specific use of the persons identified in F. The following comptroller object codes will assist you in gathering your data.

  • 7351,7352, 7366, 7385 pertaining to personal property, capital lease (motor vehicles, computers, telecommunication, books, reference material, software)
  • 7361, 7365, 7371, 7372, 7379, 7387, 7389, 7512: Pertaining to personal property, capitalized (motor vehicles, computers, telecommunication, books, reference material, software)
  • 7343: Building improvements – Capitalized (for risk management and loss control only). An example might be a build out that includes a Plexiglas barrier between receptionists and the visiting public

Category L – Rentals and Leases

Include only those rentals associated with the risk management program. Items may include office space, furnishings, equipment, software, and motor vehicles. If additional persons used the rented items other than just the persons indicated in F, please prorate the expenses. Rental amounts will be found in your budget under the following Comptroller object codes.

  • 7406: Furnishings and Equipment
  • 7411: Computer Equipment
  • 7415: Computer Software
  • 7421: Reference Material
  • 7442: Motor Vehicles (do not include expenses for rental cars used under Category H)
  • 7462: Office Space or Office Building
  • 7468: Service Buildings
  • 7470: Space

Category M – Telephone (Communication) and Utilities

Include those expenditures for items such as telephones and cell phones, fax charges, utility bills, etc., that are solely for the use of the personnel described in F above.

Category N – Other Operating Costs

  • 7273: Reproduction and Printing Services
  • 7309: Promotional Items

Include any other operation costs for staff identified in F that are not covered under other categories.

Category O – Safety Supplies and Equipment for Loss Control

Include expensed and non-expensed items used by the staff identified in F for safety purposes and the risk management program. Examples might be safety awards, noise dosimeters, safety supplies, first aid kits, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, and ergonomic related items purchased as a result of an ergonomic evaluation and ordered by the risk manager/contact or his/her designee.

The following object codes will assist you in gathering your data.

  • 7211: Awards
  • 7312: Medical Supplies

Category P – Professional, Consultant or Contracted Services

Include the cost of risk management, safety, or other consultants that the staff identified in F entered into for risk management programs. Examples might include the cost of a contract for recharging fire extinguishers, architectural/engineering services, etc.

The following object codes may assist you in gathering your data.

  • 7240: Consultant Services – Other
  • 7243: Educational/Training Services

Category Q – Other Services

Include any other services obtained by the Risk Management Program (those individuals identified in F above) that are not captured under any other category.

Category R – Other Fees, Taxes, Expenses

If there are any other fees, taxes or expenses associated with the Risk Management Program (staff identified in F above) which do not appear to naturally fall into the previous categories, enter them here.