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How prolonged sitting affects your health

Sitting Danger

Spending your entire day perched behind a desk in your office can create an array of health problems for you later in life.  Long hours spent typing and staring into a computer screen can raise your average risk for developing

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What’s your evacuation game plan?


  If you hear the sound of the emergency response system in your office, leave the building immediately.  When you hear the alarm, calmly exit the building and go to the predetermined meeting location.  While this may sound simple enough,

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Tips for proper lifting safety around the office


  Sometimes we have to move heavy items from one side of an office to another.  Before you lift a finger there are a few things you need to know. One, you’re more important than the stuff you’re about to

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Pandemic Flu


Most of us feel like the walking dead when we are sick. With the cold and flu season quickly approaching, it’s never too early to prepare and educate people on the possibility of a flu outbreak. This short video is

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