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Enterprise Risk Contacts

Jacqueline Baynard, Director of Enterprise Risk, 512-936-1555

Enterprise Risk

Caleb Walker, Senior Risk Manager, 512-936-2926

Mark Chadwick, Risk Manager, 512-936-1454

Carly Hughes, Risk Manager, 512-936-1573

John Watts, Risk Manager, 512-936-1571

Curt Krill, Risk Manager, 512-936-2942

Jim Stephens, Risk Manager, 512-936-1570

Insurance Services

Derrick Guzman, Insurance Manager, 512-936-1787

Shelly Milvo, Insurance Manager, 512-936-1561

Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Shelley Crain, Senior Continuity Coordinator, 512-936-1477

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