National Safety Month: Fatigue Awareness


Fatigue is a common risk in the workplace and presents serious consequences to the health and safety of agency personnel. There are several risks to consider if you are not receiving the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each day. Missing out on sleep affects productivity, performance, judgement, and can be very costly for employers.

Sleep deprivation isn’t the only cause of fatigue. Employees can become fatigued during the workday affecting their ability to think clearly. Stress can impair someone’s physical and mental energy. Long hours and repetitive tasks can contribute to exhaustion. Take regular rest breaks throughout the day to clear your head and restore your physical and mental alertness.

SORM recommends that agencies create a culture of fatigue awareness and encourage employees to be mindful when they become physical and mentally overloaded. Take this week to educate staff on best practices for fighting fatigue. Visit the National Safety Council website for more information on how to fight fatigue risks.