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Emergency Response Protocols

A wide variety of disaster scenarios potentially pose a threat to the citizens of Texas on any given day. Tornadoes, flash floods, hurricanes, chemical spills, and even terrorist activities are a few of the natural or man-made calamities that demand consideration and organized response capabilities.

The State Office of Risk Management recognizes these risks and the need to have reliable information readily available for assistance. Displayed on this web site is a series of topic buttons that will lead to concise definitions, actions to take, and, where appropriate, Internet links for procedural guidance in many anticipated disaster situations.

These Emergency Response Protocols are intended to provide quick-reference information in rapidly changing environments. Due to the unusual circumstances encountered in disaster situations (loss of electrical power, telephone service, etc.), it is highly recommended that these pages be printed and maintained in a readily accessible Emergency Response binder.

Please check this web site frequently since the Emergency Response Protocols are reviewed, updated, and expanded on a regular basis.