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Notary Without Bond Forms for Texas Client Agencies

The Application Process Name Change Application Change in State Employment for Bond Exempt Notaries Notary Educational Materials For More Information Overview As of Sept. 1, 2002, state employees designated by a state agency to be a notary public are no

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SORM 202

Chapter 1803 of the Texas Insurance Code requires insurance companies, or other entities authorized by the Texas Department of Insurance to sell insurance contracts or bonds to state agencies and institutions of higher education, to report intended insurance sales to

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SORM 201

Download the SORM-201 form here. Instructions for Completing the SORM-201 Chapter 412.051 of the Labor Code, titled “Duties of State Agencies; Insurance Reporting Requirements”, requires state agencies to report intended insurance purchases to SORM, not later than 30 days prior to the scheduled

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Volunteer Program

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the results can be serious… a volunteer is injured, injures someone else, or damages someone’s property while performing his or her volunteer duties. Volunteers provide a valuable service to the citizens of

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Property Program

Your agency faces natural and man-made exposures that could cause catastrophic physical damage to your property, resulting in substantial repair and reconstruction costs and can also result in loss of revenue or a disruption of your agency’s ability to provide

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Directors’ and Officers’ Program

The Directors and Officers/Public Officials Liability Insurance Program provides protection for financial loss as a result of a claim alleging a wrongful act, error or omission, etc. in the executive/management level of an agency. It also provides coverage for Employment

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Builder’s Risk Program

Builder’s risk insurance provides protection against natural or man-made property damage to facilities during the course of construction or renovation. For example, if a fire destroys an office building while under construction, builder’s risk insurance pays to rebuild the structure.

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SORM offers auto liability coverage in Mexico

Does your agency plan to conduct operations in Mexico?  Driving in Mexico creates a unique exposure for state agencies.  Mexican law requires drivers to carry Mexico automobile liability insurance, and U.S. automobile insurance is invalid in Mexico.  Drivers can be

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Automobile Program

The Statewide Automobile Insurance Program is designed to provide automobile liability and physical damage coverage to state agencies.  SORM is pleased to be working with OneBeacon as the new carrier for the Automobile Program.  The benefits to working with OneBeacon

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Insurance Program

State agencies may face a variety of natural and man-made risks that could cause catastrophic physical damage to Texas property.  These risks can cause additional harm such as revenue loss from a disruption or an interruption in state services. The

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