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Emergency Preparedness: Like Planning for a Vacation

The State Office of Risk Management provides Continuity of Operations (COOP) guidelines (in accordance with FEMA standards) for Texas state agencies, and also suggests that families develop an emergency preparedness plan for the home. A well-developed emergency plan can relieve

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Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

The quantity and severity of health problems caused by the poor quality of indoor air has increased over the last 15 years. This is attributed to many factors. Most Americans spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors and many

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Good housekeeping is paramount. If good housekeeping practices are not enforced, other administrative control measures implemented will never be fully effective. It has often been said that safety and housekeeping go hand in hand. This is extremely true, especially when

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Vulnerability Survey

One important aspect of SORM’s Risk Assessment/Loss Prevention risk management review consultations is the issue of physical security. Specifically, the Risk Evaluation and Planning system includes questions pertaining to physical security as it impacts your agency. One of the new

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Basic First Aid & CPR Training

SORM does not offer Basic First Aid and CPR training. Because incidents requiring CPR are rarely associated with an employee’s work, providing CPR classes does not significantly reduce risks or costs to the State. For that reason, SORM does not

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Excessive Heat Warnings and Advisories for Texas

The National Weather Service actively monitors the dangers of all weather hazards, including the dangers of heat-related illnesses. The State Office of Risk Management wants everyone to remain vigilant at work and at home, and be mindful of adequate hydration

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Before You Plug That In…

With colder weather approaching, many state employees might think about bringing a space heater or coffee cup warmer with them to the office. While a toaster or hot plate may help keep you warmer in the fall and winter, these

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OSHA Warns Against Contaminated Eyewash Stations

Several state facilities, including prisons, parks, hospitals, and universities, provide eyewash stations for employees to use in case of an emergency. This critical piece of emergency safety equipment helps mitigate eye injuries when workers become exposed to physical, chemical, and

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