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Continuity of Operations law protects sensitive data for the State

A proper and functional Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) contains sensitive data that may ...[more]

Legislation requiring interim study on real property owned by Texas

On June 19, 2015 Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 3750 requiring the State Office of Ri...[more]

Protect yourself from blind corners in the office

One of the dangers lurking in every office hides in plain sight.  You never know what or who could be around the corner, waiting to run into you.  Before you turn your next blind corner, here ar...[more]

Upcoming Training: June 15 - July 24

The Agency Outreach and Training section of the State Office of Risk Management offers a variety of safety, hea...[more]

State Office of Risk Management engages client agency to produce safety video

The State Office of Risk Management recently worked together with client agency, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, to develop an informative and entertaining awareness video promoting the import...[more]

What’s your evacuation game plan?

If you hear the sound of the emergency response system in your office, leave the building immediately.  When you hear the alarm, calmly exit the building and go to the predetermined meeting ...[more]