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Summertime Brings Bug Bites and Allergic Reactions

With more time spent outdoors during the summer season, our exposure to bugs and the annoyances they bring increases.  Beyond just itchy bumps, insect bites can cause severe allergic reactions that m...[more]

Notice from Fire Marshal to State Agencies, Universities

Occasionally, the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) issues compliance notices in order to clarify code language, emphasize certain aspects of a code, or alert agencies to new aspects of a cod...[more]
SORM Promotions

SORM Announces New Director of Workers’ Compensation and Supervisor

The State Office of Risk Management has named Lydia Scranton the Director of Claims Operations in the Strategic Programs Division, and Jessica Stone as Claims Supervisor in Claims Operations. Both Ms...[more]

Video from SORM Property Symposium on Emerging Topics

On May 18, 2016, the State Office of Risk Management held a one-day conference that highlighted many of the insurance issues that many Texas state agencies face.  Many of the presentations were f...[more]

Run Hide Fight: How to survive an active shooter

In 2011, the State Office of Risk Management produced an Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness video advising office employees on addressing an active shooter event in the workplace. In light of rece...[more]

Emergency Preparedness: Like Planning for a Vacation

The State Office of Risk Management provides Continuity of Operations (COOP) guidelines (in accordance with FEMA standards) for Texas state agencies, and also suggests that families develop an emergen...[more]

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