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Phone, Fax, and Mail:
Main phone list:
Main #: (512) 475-1440
Fax #: (512) 370-9025
Toll-free: (877) 445-0006
SORM Fraud Hotline: (877) 445-0006
SORM Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13777
Austin, TX 78711-3777 
SORM Physical Address:
300 W. 15th Street
William P. Clements, Jr. State Office Building, 6th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
For media inquiries, contact Thomas Meehan by email or by phone at 512-936-1538.

Executive Management

Stephen Vollbrecht Executive Director 512-936-1508
Todd Holt Deputy Executive Director 512-936-1502
Stuart (Brad) Cargile Chief of Internal Operations 512-936-1523
James Cox Chief of Strategic Programs 512-936-1527
Deea Western Chief of Legal Services and General Counsel 512-936-1465
Audrea Blake Senior Executive Assistant, Office Manager 512-936-1564
Mechelle Lee Strategic Programs Executive Assistant 512-936-2927
Cherie Swearengin Internal Operations Executive Assistant 512-936-1501
Dayna Trotter Legal Services Executive Assistant 512-936-1503
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Project Management:

Keith Despain Director of Project Management 512-936-1485
Tawn Ihnen Business Analyst 512-936-1535
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Strategic Programs

Enterprise Risk:

Jacqueline Baynard Director of Enterprise Risk 512-936-1555
Derrick Guzman Insurance Manager 512-936-1787
Shelly Milvo Insurance Manager 512-936-1561
Shelley Crain Senior Continuity Coordinator 512-936-1477
Frank Peña Statewide Continuity Advisor 512-936-1596
Caleb Walker Senior Risk Manager 512-936-2926
Mark Chadwick Risk Manager 512-936-1454
Carly Hughes Risk Manager 512-936-1573
John Watts Risk Manager 512-936-1571
Curt Krill Risk Manager 512-936-2942
Jim Stephens Risk Manager 512-936-1570
Cynthia Stuart Risk Manager 512-936-1568
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Claims Operations:

Lydia Scranton Director of Claims Operations 512-936-1480
Mitchell Griffin Supervisor 512-936-1473
Rachel Martinez Supervisor 512-936-7919
Robin Townsend Supervisor 512-475-1440
Diana Simer Nurse 512-475-1440
Linda Adams Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Geneva Lira Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Leonor Matano Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Nancy Pickett Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Elena Sisneros Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Nannette Smith Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Sonia Smith Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Amy Thomas Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Karen Thompson Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Amber Winsborough Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Karla Free Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Angela Lopez Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Heriberto Martinez Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Courtney Williams Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Leslie Endicott Adjuster 512-475-1440
Brooke Hamilton Adjuster 512-475-1440
Marisela Herrera Adjuster 512-475-1440
Armando Jacinto Adjuster 512-475-1440
Dana Jackson Adjuster 512-475-1440
Angelica Maldonado-DeLeon Adjuster 512-475-1440
Heather Maxim Adjuster 512-475-1440
Frank Pena Adjuster 512-475-1440
Christina Sanchez Adjuster 512-475-1440
Felicia Svendsen Adjuster 512-475-1440
Sarah Thompson Adjuster 512-475-1440
Darius Phillips Adjuster 512-475-1440
Brittanny Gordon Adjuster 512-475-1440
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Document Processing:

Sally Molina Director of Document Processing 512-936-1482
Sharon Billingsley Receptionist 512-936-1484
Alicia Gonzales Receptionist 512-936-1518
RoseJake Angels Document Specialist 512-936-1484
Amanda Dotson Document Specialist 512-936-1510
Julia Llamas Document Specialist 512-936-7253
Maria Mead Document Specialist 512-936-1518
Julie Milligan Document Specialist 512-936-1511
Monica Ramos Document Specialist 512-936-1515
Patricia Sahley Document Specialist 512-463-1412
Gabriella Ybarra Document Specialist 512-936-1466
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Communications and Development:

Shelby Hyman Director of Communications and Development 512-936-1457
Thomas Meehan Legislative Liaison Officer 512-936-1538
Neil Cook Media Specialist 512-936-1524
Jairus Popp Media Specialist 512-936-1541
Courtney Page Training Consultant 512-936-1572
Sam Stone Training Consultant 512-936-1512
David Easlick Web Administrator 512-936-2961
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Internal Operations

Accounting and Finance:

Phone #: 512-936-1547
Lori Shaw Director of Accounting and Finance and CFO 512-936-1497
Marie Cervantes Accounting Technician 512-936-1530
Dawn Franklin Accountant 512-936-1569
Darwin Hamilton Senior Accountant 512-936-2947
Belinda Hood Senior Accountant 512-936-1495
Kristin Johnson Accounting Technician 512-936-1522
Tina Phillips Accounting Technician 512-936-2946
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Talent Management:

Linda Griffin Director of Talent Management 512-936-1492
Neisha Rivera Talent Coordinator 512-936-1537
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Information Technology:

Leonel Ramirez Director of Information Technology 512-936-2948
John Alexander Senior Programmer 512-475-2158
David Moore Systems Analyst 512-936-2931
Shree Nagaraj Systems Analyst 512-936-1565
Daniel Ewald Systems Support Specialist 512-936-1805
Evan Durham Systems Support Specialist 512-936-1574
Michael Littlejohn Programmer 512-936-1593
Dingmin Min Programmer 512-936-1458
Anh Vu Programmer 512-936-1493
Johnny Free Programmer 512-936-1506
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Legal Services


J. Red Tripp Assistant General Counsel/Litigation Manager 512-936-1516
Emily Busby Legal Assistant 512-936-2943
April Foradory Legal Assistant 512-936-1488
Damone Edgerton Proceedings Specialist 512-936-1456
Craig Pollman Proceedings Specialist 512-936-1489
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Special Investigations:

SORM Fraud Hotline: 1-877-445-0006
Ruth Alexander Subrogation Manager 512-936-1490
Chris Scroger Ancillary Services Specialist 512-475-1494
Gary Ingram Investigator 512-936-1450
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Compliance and Practices:

Alan Ryman Director of Compliance and Practices 512-463-6048
Keith Martin Senior Staff Attorney 512-936-1462
Rachel Victoria Contract Administrator 512-936-1649
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Indemnity Quality Assurance
Tshau Todman Supervisor, Indemnity Quality Assurance 512-936-1491
Carl Janecka Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1557
Alice Jimenez Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1474
Edward Madkins Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1471
Teresa Peterson Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1554
Irene Villela Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1556
Medical Quality Assurance
Janine Lyckman Supervisor, Medical Quality Assurance 512-936-1526
Rhonda Frederick Quality Assurance Specialist 512-463-0170
Rodney Henry Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1499
Jenna Harkey Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1563
Patricia (Trish) Martinez Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1566
Shannon O’Brien Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1513
Lee Ann Petrick Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1509
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Explanation of Review/Explanation of Benefits (EOR/EOB) Request
Public Information Request, Release of Information 512-936-1503
List updated on: March 3, 2020