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Phone, Fax, and Mail:
Main phone list:
Main #: (512) 475-1440
Fax #: (512) 370-9025
Toll-free: (877) 445-0006
SORM Fraud Hotline: (877) 445-0006
SORM Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13777
Austin, TX 78711-3777
SORM Physical Address:
300 W. 15th Street
William P. Clements, Jr. State Office Building, 6th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
For media inquiries, contact Paul Harris by email or by phone at 512-936-1452.

Executive Management

Stephen Vollbrecht Executive Director 512-936-1508
Todd Holt Deputy Executive Director 512-936-1502
Audrea Blake Senior Executive Assistant, Office Manager 512-936-1564
Stuart (Brad) B. Cargile Chief of Internal Operations and CFO 512-936-1523
Cherie Swearengin Internal Operations Executive Assistant 512-936-1501
Deea Western Chief of Legal Services and General Counsel 512-936-1465
Karen Klaus Legal Services Executive Assistant 512-936-1503
James Cox Chief of Strategic Programs 512-936-1527
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Strategic Programs

Risk Management:

Michelle Ganaden Director of Risk Management and Chief Risk Officer 512-936-2942
Jacqueline Baynard Insurance Manager 512-936-1555
Shelley Crain Statewide Continuity Coordinator 512-936-1477
Erika Gutierrez Risk Manager 512-936-1454
Mara Kelly Statewide Continuity Coordinator 512-936-1477
Frank Marcopolos Senior Risk Manager 512-936-1573
Allyson McDonald Insurance Manager 512-936-1483
Felicia McGee Risk Manager 512-936-1570
Iris Moore Senior Insurance Manager 512-936-1561
Scott Olson Risk Manager 512-936-1568
Caleb Walker Risk Manager 512-936-2926
Christine Wright Risk Manager 512-936-1571
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Claims Operations:

Lydia Scranton Director of Claims Operations 512-936-1480
Linda Adams Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Alyssa Arrington Adjuster 512-475-1440
Alicia Faulstich Adjuster 512-475-1440
Karla Free Adjuster 512-475-1440
Isabel Garcia Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Mitchell Griffin Supervisor 512-936-1473
Brooke Hamilton Adjuster 512-475-1440
Laura Hardaway Adjuster 512-475-1440
Cassandra Hernandez Adjuster 512-475-1440
Martin D. Hockett Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Dana Jackson Adjuster 512-475-1440
LaToya Joyner Adjuster 512-475-1440
Geneva Lira Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Angela M. Lopez Adjuster 512-475-1440
Angelica Maldonado-DeLeon Adjuster 512-475-1440
Heriberto Martinez Adjuster 512-475-1440
Rachel Martinez Supervisor 512-936-7919
Leonor Matano Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Heather Maxim Adjuster 512-935-1440
Nancy Pickett Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Christina Sanchez Adjuster 512-475-1440
Chris Scroger Adjuster 512-475-1440
Diana L Simer Nurse 512-475-1440
Jessica L. Stone Supervisor 512-936-1551
Amy Thomas Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Karen Thompson Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Robin Townsend Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
Courtney M. Williams Adjuster 512-475-1440
Amber Winsborough Senior Adjuster 512-475-1440
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Document Processing:

Sally Molina Director of Document Processing 512-936-1482
Rosalinda M Casso-O’Hara Document Specialist 512-936-2994
Amanda Dotson Document Specialist 512-936-1510
Alicia Gonzales Document Specialist 512-936-1518
Mechelle Lee Document Specialist 512-936-1466
Julia Lopez Document Specialist 512-936-1558
Julie Milligan Document Specialist 512-936-1511
Patricia Prentice Document Specialist 512-936-1505
Monica Ramos Document Specialist 512-936-1515
Patricia Sahley Document Specialist 512-463-1412
Sylvia Ward Document Specialist 512-936-1522
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Communications and Development:

Shelby Hyman Director of Communications and Development 512-936-1457
John Ary Media Specialist 512-936-1541
Neil Cook Media Specialist 512-936-1524
Michelle P. Hammett Training Consultant/Coordinator 512-936-1537
Paul S. Harris Governmental Liaison 512-936-1452
Tawn Ihnen Industry Trainer 512-936-1535
Kristoffer Janssen Training Consultant 512-936-1572
Susan Laporte Webmaster 512-936-2961
Sam Stone Training Consultant 512-936-1512
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Internal Operations

Accounting and Finance:

Phone #: 512-936-1547
Lori Shaw Director of Accounting and Finance 512-936-1497
Marie Cervantes Accounting Technician 512-936-1530
Dawn Franklin Accountant 512-936-1569
Darwin Hamilton Senior Accountant 512-936-2947
Belinda Hood Senior Accountant 512-936-1495
Kristin Johnson Accounting Technician 512-936-1522
Tina Phillips Accounting Technician 512-936-2946
Brianna Franklin Accountant 512-936-1525
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Human Resources:

Linda Griffin Director of Human Resources 512-936-1492
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Information Technology:

Ann Hallam Director of Information Technology 512-936-1485
John Alexander Senior Programmer 512-475-2158
Daniel Ewald Systems Support Specialist/Helpdesk 512-936-1805
Michael Littlejohn Programmer 512-936-1593
Dingmin Min Programmer 512-936-1458
Shree Nagaraj Programmer 512-936-1565
Leonel Ramirez Systems Analyst 512-936-2948
Jennifer J. Whitwell Systems Support Specialist 512-936-1574
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Legal Services


J. Red Tripp Assistant General Counsel/Litigation Manager 512-936-1516
Emily Busby Legal Assistant 512-936-2943
April Foradory Legal Assistant 512-936-1488
Rhonda Frederick Legal Assistant
Jill Guenther Proceedings Specialist 512-936-1456
Craig Pollman Proceedings Specialist 512-936-1489
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Special Investigations:

SORM Fraud Hotline: 1-877-445-0006
Ruth Alexander Subrogation Manager 512-936-1490
Marisela Herrera Legal Assistant 512-936-1536
Adam Huwyler Investigator 512-936-1521
Gary Ingram Investigator 512-936-1450
Janine Lyckman Senior Audit & Dispute Resolution Specialist 512-936-1526
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Compliance and Practices:

Alan Ryman Director of Compliance and Practices 512-463-6048
Keith Martin Senior Staff Attorney 512-936-1462
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Indemnity Quality Assurance
Tshau L. Todman Supervisor, Indemnity Quality Assurance 512-936-1491
Carl Janecka Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1557
Alice Jimenez Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1474
Edward Madkins Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1471
Teresa Peterson Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1554
Irene Villela Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1556
Medical Quality Assurance
Johnny D. Free Supervisor, Medical Quality Assurance 512-936-1506
Rodney Henry Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1499
Jenna R. Ihrer Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1563
Patricia (Trish) Martinez Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1566
Shannon O’Brien Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1513
Lee Ann Petrick Quality Assurance Specialist 512-936-1509
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Explanation of Review/Explanation of Benefits (EOR/EOB) Request
Public Information Request, Release of Information 512-936-1465
List updated on: Aug. 2, 2017
Due to a planned power outage from Friday, November 24, through Sunday, November 26, 2017, this website, RMIS, phone services, and other systems will be inoperable. All services are anticipated be restored beginning on Monday, November 27.