Continuity of Operations Planning

The State of Texas must be prepared to ensure the continuing performance of critical government functions under all conditions, including emergencies that disrupt normal operations. This capability depends on effective continuity planning that identifies critical functions; identifies the personnel, facilities, and other resources required to continue delivery of those functions; and ensures those resources will be available when needed through coordination with partners and stakeholders. Requirements for state agency continuity planning are established in the Texas Labor Code (Section 412.054), with additional information on information security rules related to information security standards in Rule §202.24 of the Texas Administrative Code.

To assist Texas State agencies in the development of actionable Continuity of Operations, the State Office of Risk Management, the Texas Office of Homeland Security, the Texas Division of Emergency Management, and the Texas Department of Information Resources provide the following resources for consideration.

Texas COOP and COOP Resources

FEMA Plans, Exercise, and Evaluation Templates

Training and Additional Resources

Submit Your COOP Plan

If you have questions or need to find out how to submit your agency or university COOP plan for review, please contact one of our Statewide Continuity Coordinators, Shelley Crain, 512-936-1477, or email

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