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Property and Casualty Claims Reporting

Any event, where damages to persons or property cause or may cause a potential financial loss to the agency, excluding workers’ compensation injuries, must be reported to State Office of Risk Management via the Online Property and Casualty Claims system. All claims must be entered by the closing date, 60 days after the first day of the fiscal year.

Injuries or damages, even if not covered by an insurance policy must be entered. Some examples of claims that should be filed are:

  • Automobile accidents not involving agency owned vehicles
  • Agency owned vehicle damage (automobile physical damage)
  • Damages to third party vehicles (automobile liability)
  • Personal property loses by theft/vandalism but not “missing” property
  • Right to sue notices from EEOC or Department of Human Rights (employment practices type)
  • Injuries to volunteers (accident type)
  • Injury or damage resulting from release of hazardous materials (environmental liability type)
  • Injury to the public within/on state owned/managed facilities or premises such as slips and falls

The Online Property and Casualty Claims Reporting portion of the annual report is available year round to enter losses as they occur or reported.

Claim information should be entered through the Online Property and Casualty Claim System behind SORM’s RMIS secure web site. Additional detailed information is available on the Help screens within this system.