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SORM 200: Part 2 Instructions

Insurance and Insurance Expenditures

  1. Send copies of all insurance policies with an effective date that is within the fiscal year filing. If insurance policies were purchased under any of the State Office of Risk Management’s insurance programs, you are not required to send copies.
  2. Screen for Part II will be available for entry on the first business day of each fiscal year and will be closed 60 days after the close of the fiscal year.
  3. Notary information: Indicate the number of all notaries at the agency with a breakdown of new notaries and those notaries that are renewed during the fiscal year.
  4. Insurance Expenditures: Detailed claim information should be entered through the Online Property & Claim Reporting System which is available throughout the fiscal year. All claims occurring during the fiscal year must be entered by the closing date of SORM 200.
    • Code 7204 – Insurance and Deductibles: Enter payments of authorized insurance premiums that require approval by State Office of Risk Management. Include insurance deductibles that may have been paid on claims.
    • Code 7205 – Employee Bonds: Record payment for employee surety bond premiums that have been approved by State Office of Risk Management.
    • Code 7216 – Insurance Premiums Approved by Texas Department of Insurance and Attorney General: Record payment of insurance premiums which require approval by the Attorney General’s office and Texas Department of Insurance (automobile insurance polices).
  5. Claims and Judgments
    • Code 7220 – Court Ordered Notification Expenses – Department of State Health Services (DSHS): This expenditure is only used by the DSHS for the cost of courts associated with application or appeal under the parental notification act.
    • Code 7225 – Settlement & Judgments for Attorney Fees: Record identifiable attorney’s fees for settlements and judgments recovered against the state under Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code.
    • Code 7226 – Settlements & Judgments for Claimant or Other Legal Expenses: Record payment to a claimant or plaintiff for settlements and judgments that are covered against the state under Texas Civil Practices & Remedies such as federal court judgments, medical malpractice. Included are punitive damages and compensatory damages for non-physical injuries such as employment discrimination or defamation.
    • Code 7227 – Miscellaneous Claims Act Payments: Record payment of claims processed under procedures of the Miscellaneous Claims Act. May be used only by the Comptroller.
    • Code 7228 – Legislative Claims: Record payment for miscellaneous claims that have been approved by the Legislature for payment. Used only by the Comptroller, Department of Family and Protective Services, Texas Commission on Environment Quality, Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the University of Houston System.
    • Code 7229 – Settlements & Judgments for Claimant and Attorney: Payment to claimant or plaintiff and attorney for settlements and judgments recovered against the state where attorney fees cannot be determined because they are included with payment to a claimant or plaintiff.