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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What are alternative work assignments and job modifications? (A) When possible, job tasks should be assessed and a possible list of work assignments should be created before they are actually needed. These assignments may include full or part time

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Return-To-Work Forms

Here are some helpful forms to help you manage an employee’s return to work: Injury/Illness Management Checklist (Word) Return-to-Work Policy (SORM-85) (Word) Bona Fide Offer of Employment Letter Sample (Word) (Additional information available at: Claims Coordinator Handbook) Frequently asked questions

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Statement of Responsibilities

1. Supervisor is responsible for: Obtaining immediate medical attention by in house medical staff if available. Accompanying injured worker to medical provider, if at all possible, and tell the doctor about your company’s return-to-work process and provide the doctor with

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A Successful Return-To-Work-Program

Step 1 — Create a policy reflecting your company’s dedication to Return-To-Work Program. Develop a policy announcing your return-to-work program and management’s commitment to the process. Position the new policy as an employee benefit. Sponsor an event to announce and

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Goals, Objectives and Benefits

A. GOALS The primary goal of a return-to-work program is to assist employees who sustain an injury or illness to safely return to work at the earliest medically practical time in a temporary(modified or alternate duty) assignment. By allowing an

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Quick Reference Guide

Network Main Line: 214.217.5939 or 888.466.6381 Network Direct Fax: 214.217.5937 or 877.946.6638 General Network Questions: Complaints: IMO Provider Search Directory or Submit a provider nomination: Claim Questions: 877.445.0006 (SORM) Download Employee/Provider Network Identification Cards: Available in English and Spanish

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Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness (DWC-1S)

Online entry of the DWC-1S is available through SORM’s secure portal, RMIS. Required: Form DWC-1S must be completed and submitted to SORM for any on-the-job injury that: Has more than one day of lost time; Is an occupational disease, with or without

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Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Mexico

Issue 1: Are workers who travel out of state (including international locations) covered under SORM’s workers’ compensation program? There is no exclusion for Employees working in any foreign country. Sec. 501.024. EXCLUSIONS FROM COVERAGE. The following persons are excluded from

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Health Care Insurance Carrier Reimbursement (DWC26 – 409.0091)

Health insurance carriers seeking reimbursement for claims related to an existing workers’ compensation claim (sub-claims) must complete and submit form DWC 26 (Rev. 01/15). Submission of illegible, incomplete, or non-conforming requests may significantly delay consideration or result in a denial

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Return to Work Program

As an employer, a proactive return-to-work program can provide you with effective tools associated with injuries or illness by providing the opportunity for injured workers to return to the workplace as soon as it is medically appropriate. A return-to-work program

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