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Title Description File Type
FY2017 - Final Fiscal Year 2017 Assessments (mid-year update final) Excel
FY2017 - Initial Fiscal Year 2017 Assessments (initial) Excel
FY2016 - Final Fiscal Year 2016 Assessments (mid-year update final) Excel
FY2016 – Initial Fiscal Year 2016 Assessments (initial) Excel
FY2015 – Final Fiscal Year 2015 Assessments (mid-year update final) Excel
FY2015 – Initial Fiscal Year 2015 Assessments (initial) Excel
FY2014 – Final Fiscal Year 2014 Assessments (mid-year update final) Excel
FY2014 – Initial Fiscal Year 2014 Assessments (initial) Excel
FY2013 – Final Fiscal Year 2013 Assessments (mid-year update final) Excel
FY2013 – Initial Fiscal Year 2013 Assessments (Initial) Excel
FY2012 – Final Fiscal Year 2012 Assessments (mid-year final) Excel
FY2012 – Initial Fiscal Year 2012 Initial Assessments and Invoices Excel
FY2011 – Final Fiscal Year 2011 Assessments (mid-year final) Excel
FY2011 – Initial Fiscal Year 2011 Initial Assessments and Invoices Excel
FY2010 – Final Fiscal Year 2010 Assessments (mid-year final) Excel
FY2010 – Initial Fiscal Year 2010 Assessments Excel
FY2009 – Final Fiscal Year 2009 Assessments (mid-year final) Excel
FY2009 – Initial Fiscal Year 2009 Initial Assessments and Invoices Excel

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